Managed Services for Microsoft 365 (MSP/MSSP)

Managed Security solution for Microsoft Cloud, ensuring seamless regulatory compliance, expert-led staff training, and elevated data security with advanced integration and threat prevention.

Microsoft 365 MSSP - Security and Compiance Management - P1Y

PlexHosted Security and Compliance Management for Microsoft 365

Regulatory Compliance & Staff Training
Empowering Your Organization with Seamless Regulatory Compliance and Expert-led Staff Training for Unmatched Audit Preparedness.
• Compliance Management
• Audit Management
• Security Awareness Trainings

Data Privacy and Security
Elevating Data Security in Microsoft 365 with Advanced Integration and Cutting-edge Threat Prevention, Transforming Potential Disasters into Manageable Events.
• Enforce data classification, governance, and protection
• Information Security Plan Management
• Contingency Management
• Threat Prevention, Detection & Response

Risk Management
Empower Your IT Environment with Proactive Information Security, Strategic Risk Management, and Robust Contingency Planning for Unmatched Resilience and Business Continuity in the Microsoft 365 Cloud.
• Security Categorization
• Annual Risk Assessment Conduction
• Vulnerability Scanning

Contract Term
P1Y - Annual contract