Continuous Password Prompt Window on the SharePoint site (SharePoint 2010)

  • Synopsis

    This guide will show you how to fix the appearance of "continuous password prompt window" on a SharePoint Site.
  • Applicable to

    All PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 accounts.
  • Prerequisite

    • a PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 account
    • a PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 site
  • How to

  1. Go to the Tools-Internet Options-Security.
  2. Choose the security tab and click on "Trusted Sites".
  3. Then click on Sites and a window will appear.
  4. Type or paste your site URL and remove the check in the box "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone".
  5. Click on Add and Close.
  6. Click the button Custom level in the “Security level for this zone” section.
  7. Scroll down the menu, check the option “Automatic logon with current username and password” under “User Authentication” header and click OK.
  8. Choose Yes when prompted to confirm changing settings. Then click OK in the Internet Options window.
  9. Go to Windows Control Panel – Credential Manager (in the User Accounts and Family Safety section).
  10. Click on Add a Windows credential.
  11. Complete form with correct credentials.
    • Type your SharePoint URL (without HTTPS).
    • User name.
    • Password.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Try to access SharePoint site by IE. Type your credentials at the prompt and check the box “Remember my credentials”, click OK.
  14. Next time when accessing your SharePoint site you won`t be prompted for credentials.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the PlexHosted support staff.


SharePoint, Windows Credentials, IE, Trusted sites
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