AdSync Configuration Guide


About ADSync Service


ADSync is a simple synchronization tool for system administrators to automatically send user attributes from their Active Directory to their hosted Exchange provider’s Active Directory without using the control panel.
Although setting up one user in our control panel is simple and quick, you might not like the idea of setting up each and every one of your users manually. With ADSync, you can easily synchronize all the user profiles contained on your servers’ active directory with our infrastructure, without even having to connect to the control panel.


Basic requirements


  • A server or forest with Active directory. AD Sync is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and 2008, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The domain version can either be 2003 or 2008, native or mixed mode.
  • ADSync enabled in your hosted Exchange provider’s control panel.
  • .NET Framework 3.5.



Detailed Description


ADSync is an integration application that focuses on synchronizing an external Active Directory’s entities to a hosted Exchange provider’s infrastructure. Its primary use is for large organizations that already have an AD infrastructure to forward their user updates to their hosted Exchange provider’s environment and provide a “same login” experience to their users.

ADSync handles these client events:
• User creation
• Updates of user attributes
• User deletion
• User password changes


The application aims to:


  • Provide a “same login” experience for users (minimizing the number of different username/password combination per user).
  • Minimize system administrators’ overhead when doing user management.
  • Be simple and straightforward to setup and manage (as opposed to highly customizable).
  • Automate and streamline the handling of service assignments to users (mailboxes, SharePoint access, OCS, etc.).
  • Function as a local system on the Master Server (instead of functioning as user).


Video tutorial

How to (main steps)


Master Server Installation Process

1. Run the ADSync master installation on your master server.

Click on Next.


Choose your installation folder, and then click on Next.


Enter the IP address and port number where the master server can be reached. The port number must have been unlocked in your firewall.


Click on Next.


Click on Next again.


Click on Close to exit.

2. Run the ADSync Configuration Tool on your master server (Start menu > ADSync > ADSync Configuration Tool).

3. Enter your username, password and organization name in the Remote settings section. It must be consistent with the information in your Control Panel.

4. Click on Browse Active Directory.

5. Select the LDAP root that you want to synchronize. Click on Ok.

6. You can choose a different synchronization period. This is the number of minutes between each attempt at synchronizing your active directory.

7. Click on Save. You will then be asked to reboot your system.

IMPORTANT: All your existing users need to reset their passwords at least once for their profile synchronization to be completed. New users can skip this step as they will be synchronized upon creation.


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